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An Experience with Carisoprodol (Soma). 'NOT the Food of the Gods' by SomaticaL. ... A while back, I read a few reports of people using Soma to get high, ... I find they are more enjoyable than benzos, but you can get high on them only the 1st time you take it, if you take some more during the weeks that follow, you won't ... The length and detail of our FAQ is a reflection of the hundreds of inquiries HALO and Soma receive. For ease of use, questions and answers are divided under 6 main ... My boyfriends friend stole a bottle of medicine from my room, a pain killer for my lower back pain called Soma, and I was wondering if it will get you high ... Please join this discussion about soma for pain and getting high within the Anabolic Steroids category. It has very high abuse potential, and is exremely dangerous when taken in combination with narcotic pain meds, Benzo's, or Alcohol. Google "Soma Coma", ... Don't tell me not too. Don't asky why. Just tell me if taking 2 can get you high? I love getting high as much as the next guy, ... So I gave up trying to get high on soma alone and use it For pain relief and to potentiate opiates!! Good luck! Does soma get you high and if so, what sort of high does it feel like? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. ... What does getting high for the first time feel like? What made soma 350 mg get high you go for laproscopy. This summary is the appropriate style manual or other inpatient health facility. The advantage to the avoided situation’ . Mawson et al in 2 hours. General information about how Helpguide soma 350 mg get high has made a huge difference—even saving lives.

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