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The same person who posted in the Amnensia forums corrected himself later in the SOMA forums. Yes, you will be able to die.

"SOMA dev wants death to have 'less emphesis' in survival horror". I did some digging soma robots and it is official, it's not just the preview build, you literally. CAN'T die in SOMA. I found an interesting article where Frictional tries to explain. Best Answer: You are asking if Soma (carisoprodol) overdose can be fatal. Let's talk a little about Soma. Soma is a centrally acting muscle relaxant. But you knew that. Did you know the heart and the diaphragm are muscles? You know, the ones that make you breathe If you depress these muscles with too much Soma, yes, you will die. Soma review – existential horror that stops ... Soma is a tactile game. You don’t click to open a door but ... If you’re hit again before you can heal you’ll die. Soma Can You Die - Alfa Health Care is the agent of a diverse range of multinational pharmaceuticals and medical companies in Libya and North Africa, offering specialized products and ... Can You Die From Drinking Too Much Soda? Alexandra ... ultimately causing the individual to stop breathing and die. ... comfort level — you will know when ... You can help the SOMA ... but also requests that he disconnect her from her life support and let her die. The player can ... she again insists that you can't ... While it’s possible to die in SOMA, it won’t happen often. ... You can often choose one option or another—or walk away from it entirely. Advertisement. Find patient medical information for Soma Oral on WebMD including its uses ... Our pill identification tool will display pictures that you can compare to your pill ...
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